Flappy Bird Almost Made You Break Your Phone? Time For Revenge!

Retro, simplistic, pointless and endless, very frustrating, Flappy Bird was undoubtedly one, if not the most hated yet addictive game ever made for mobile devices. Nobody can explain how it found shelter in tens of millions of phones, but one thing’s for sure, anyone who dares touching this game WILL experience rage. Chances are you have played this game, and had the privilege to taste all of the frustration it has to offer.

Well, good news for those seeking revenge, Squishy Bird lets you do just that! It’s really similar to the real thing; retro, simplistic, pointless, endless and addictive. The big difference? You get to squish as many birds as possible using the pipes!

Time will be wasted, and birds will get squished.

One tap away from revenge.FB2

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Source: Squishybird.com