These Guys Are Not Afraid Of Heights, And They Have The Amazing Footage To Prove It

Some people are crazier than others. Among those people are Vitaly Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov, two Russian daredevils with one big pair of balls. How big? Enough to travel to China and climb the Shanghaï Tower, second tallest building in the world, with nothing except a GoPro to capture their ascension. The result is as incredible as it is terrifying. Watching the video at the end will make your hands sweaty.

tower-ascension1Vitaly Raskalov

tower-ascension2Vitaly Raskalov

tower-ascension3Vitaly Raskalov

tower-ascension4Vitaly Raskalov

tower-ascension5Vitaly Raskalov

tower-ascension6Vitaly Raskalov

Source: Vitaly Raskalov