Imagine Tailgating With THIS Monster

Ever wanted to attend a tailgate party in the most incredible way possible? Rolling in something that could provide food and fun for everyone, while making many jaws drop? This Reddit user might just have what you need. Behold the King of all tailgate parties, the Eight-Wheeled Cadillac Eldorado:

You don’t see one of these bad boys every day. But wait, what’s this blue thing coming out of the trunk? A hot tub?

Damn right it is!

Uh oh, something’s missing and there’s a big hole! Is is broke?

Nope, this big ass barbecue just needs some room!

Of course, this royal carriage also comes with royal seats in the front…

…and in the back.

Want to get a hold of this baby? Maybe you can! We have no idea how much one would be willing to pay for this monster, but it’s up for auction.

Source: Reddit